Who is Lara Clausen? Nadia Sif Lindal Cousin; Bio, Wiki, Age, Phil Foden

Lara Clausen Photo

Lara Clausen Photo

Lara Clausen Bio

Lara Clausen is a 19 year old law student from Iceland and the cousin of Nadía Sif Líndal, an Iceland model and actress, known for Echo (2019).The two cousins are currently in the spotlight after being pictured with two England’s sensational footballers, Mason Greenwood from Manchester United and Phil Foden from Manchester City.

Lara Clausen Age

Clausen was born in 2001 in Iceland. She is 19 years old as of 2020.

Lara Clausen Paired Up with Phil Foden

The Man City’s midfielder, Phil Foden was pictured showing his bum to the two girls smuggled into the team’s Icelandic hotel. Foden, who is just 20, and Mason Greenwood, 18, were sent home in disgrace on September 6th after breaching Covid rules.

Lara Clausen was paired up with the City’s midfielder while the United’s Greenwood hooked up with her cousin Nadia the Model.

Clausen and her cousin Nadia claimed they ended up within the private rooms of Greenwood and Man City’s Phil Foden, who they insist that they had never previously heard of. Images published in Iceland’s media first emerged showing the Three Lions duo had snuck the women into the team hotel – resulting in their international expulsion and a £1360 fine by police for breaking strict Covid guidelines.

Lara Clausen Photo
Lara Clausen Photo

Lara Clausen and Nadia Caught on Video with Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden

A video has also surfaced showing the women on the phone with the football stars as they planned their route into the hotel. Nadia, however, has denied being liable for any footage being leaked and claimed it had been not her on the video having the conservation.

She wrote on Instagram: “I wanted to return to wash a touch about this whole . I didn’t leak anything to the media. I didn’t take those photos and people videos.

“I wasn’t lecture him on the phone, that was another girl. I didn’t know that they were quarantined.

“They didn’t deserve this one bit, they’re amazing lads and specialized footballers. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I’ll say it again, I didn’t leak ANYTHING to the media and NEVER would.

“Also i used to be wearing jeans that night, not leggings. Yeah, I posted that for one hour, a story with my closest friends, but someone took a screenshot.
“Yes, I did ruin too. Never said I didn’t. But i will be able to defend myself from stories that aren’t true.”
Both Man City and United condemned the celebs for their behaviour, while The FA have vowed to hold out a full investigation into the incident. Greenwood has deleted his Twitter account since the story broke, while Foden issued a humbling apology after being sent home.

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